Our health has been in the spotlight more than ever, usually accompanied by doom and gloom, which further impacts our health in a negative way. I believe your health and quality of life go hand in hand. Whether you’re learning how best to live with a new diagnosis or just seeking better general health, let me come alongside you to interpret, educate and coach you through the ups and downs of health and take the guesswork out of understanding your body.


Often the road to a fit and healthy lifestyle feels daunting and overwhelming. With over 30 years in the fitness industry, I seek to be your guide on your journey to understanding your fitness needs and helping you set and achieve goals towards physical health. As a certified personal trainer, I have worked with people of all backgrounds, abilities, ages, and levels of fitness to bring hope and health to those who seek a greater understanding of their bodies and abilities.


Health is more than just physical and emotional. Our souls are the deepest part of ourselves that flow outward and affect our overall health. Health coaching is incomplete without addressing our spiritual needs alongside the physical. Our faith is the lens with which we view the world and ourselves. We can’t see ourselves fully without understanding who we were truly made to be. Spiritual and mental health go hand in hand as we dive deep into awakening hope in your mind, body and soul.

3 Month Program

We spend 12 weeks getting to know you, how your body works, and what your unique needs are. You’re then equipped and empowered to continue making progress and healthy choices with a plan designed for you.

6 Month Program

For those with longer term health changes or those who want some extra coaching and accountably, the 6 month program dives deep into understanding your needs and walking through a longer period of life together.

30 Min/Week

Maybe you have a busier schedule, but need some weekly coaching to stay on track with your goals. I work with you to prioritize health amidst the busyness of life.

50 Min/2 Week

For those needing less frequent meetings with busier schedules who still want a deep dive into how functional medicine can impact their lives. We spend 50 minutes every other week making goals and learning what your specific needs are.

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